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How To Store Moonshine Safely

Unless you plan on drinking your entire batch of moonshine fresh from the still, you’ll need to properly store it so you can enjoy it later. As long as you fermented the moonshine correctly, it can last for several years to come. However, improperly stored moonshine can spoil or ruin, leaving you with a wasted batch of white lightning. To learn more about how to safely store your moonshine, keep reading.

Plastic vs Glass

Due to its high alcohol content, some people assume that moonshine will burn through plastic, which is why they use glass jars instead. However, the truth is that moonshine will not burn through plastic. Plastic materials are designed to be resistant to powerful chemicals, and they can even withstand hydrofluoric acid. So, if you pour moonshine into a plastic bottle or jug, you don’t have to worry about it burning a hole through the bottom.

There are some disadvantages to storing moonshine in plastic, one of which is the possibility of accidentally melting the plastic by placing it next to a source of heat. While moonshine isn’t going to burn a hole in a plastic jug, an open flame certainly will. If you plan to store your moonshine in plastic jugs or containers, make sure they are placed in a cool area where there’s no open flames or heart sources nearby.

Stick With Glass For Long-Term Storage

Storing moonshine in plastic containers for long periods of time may result in a change of flavor. You may notice a vinyl-like flavor and aroma from moonshine that’s stored in a plastic container. If you are serious about moonshine and want to create the best possible beverage, stick with glass containers for long-term storage. It’s safer, heat resistant, and a better all-around choice when compared to plastic.

Avoid Sunlight

Another key tip for storing moonshine is to keep it away from direct sunlight. Whether your moonshine is stored in a glass or plastic container, the sun’s UV rays will penetrate through and literally cook the contents of the container. This naturally causes the moonshine to spoil at a faster pace. You can prevent this from happening by storing your moonshine in a dark, cool environment where there’s little-to-no sun exposure.

Properly storing your moonshine will preserve its flavor and alcohol content. Just remember to stick with glass containers for long-term storage and place your moonshine out of direct sunlight.

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