About Us

Since we started in business our goal has not changed:

“To provide the highest quality products and the very best service to our customers”

We are very proud of our products. The quality is second to none. I can give you my word that we will take care of you before, during, and after your purchase. 

Why Buy a Moonshine Still From Us?

♦ We offer a 100% guarantee on workmanship! If you have any problems with any of our stills simply return it for 100% Money Back Guarantee!*

♦ We use only the best 99.9% Pure 20 oz. 22 Gauge Paul Revere Copper! Our Heavy 20 oz. copper will not dent or burn as easily as the 16 oz. wafer thin copper stills that are offered on Amazon or E-Bay or from other still manufacturers. We buy directly from Paul Revere Copper Company. We  DO NOT use roofing copper that contains lead. We never have and we never will. You can be assured that your still is safe. 

♦ All of our Moonshine Stills are built to stand the test of time. We take pride in our work and it shows! 

♦ If you are not comfortable ordering from our site you can call us at 478-227-9884. We can take a check for your order. We are easy to work with.

♦ We offer 6, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 100 Gallon stills and also offer Electric Upgrades, Sight Glasses, and Accessories, Burners, Reflux Towers and more… 

♦ Here at DIYMoonshine, we go a step further than other manufacturers. Our stills are not “slapped together”. There is a lot of labor and skill used in the construction of these fine custom works of art. Our stills are big and heavy stills and if you are serious about this hobby you want one of our stills. Our competitors have tried to duplicate our moonshine stills but they just don’t even come close. 

♦ Built using the thickest 20 oz. REVERE copper you will be Impressed with the quality of your still. Our Stills are built to Last.

Beware of the unprofessional builders who cut corners and use roofing copper.

Roofing copper contains Lead!  
See if you can find another builder of stills on the internet that doesn’t use roofing copper…
You won’t. They ALL DO


Why Buy a Copper Still?

Ask any Moonshiner. They will all tell you that traditional Moonshine Stills are made from pure Copper. Copper has so many advantages besides its pure beauty; it is a perfect conductor of heat distributing it evenly and efficiently. Copper’s most unique property is one that cannot be seen but rather tasted. Why is this? Copper removes all of the sulfides that are produced during distillation. Professional distillers know that the key to producing the finest whiskeys and brandies is this materials ability to neutralize sulfides thus resulting in a cleaner and smoother character that can’t be produced by any other material. Copper is also low maintenance requiring only a rinsing with water when you’ve finished your run.

How can you offer such a well built still at such a competitive price?

I Buy my 20 oz. 22 ga. Copper in Bulk
Passing on the Savings to YOU!

That’s right! You’ll get 20 oz. copper for the price of 16 oz. Don’t Confuse my Stills with the Junk you see Around the Internet… They just don’t Compare.

My Stills are often Imitated but Never Duplicated.

My Stills are Built to Last for a Lifetime… Their’s are Built to Regret for a Lifetime

“If You Can Find a Better Made Still Anywhere on Earth… Buy It!”