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3 Tips To Create Better Moonshine

Distilling your own moonshine is a fun and rewarding activity with deep roots seeded into our nation’s history. The process of distilling moonshine has changed very little over the years, but distilling moonshine has never been easier thanks to the advancements of modern technology. Even people with no previous experience can throw up a still using some basic tools and materials and begin distilling their own moonshine. Keep reading to learn 3 important tips on how to create better moonshine.

#1 – Use Distilled and Not Tap Water

One of the most important tips I can give to moonshiners is to always use distilled water for making moonshine wash. It’s no secret that tap water contains a plethora of chemicals, some of which includes chlorine, chlorate, bromate and fluoride. Using tap water in your still will result in some of these potentially harmful and taste-changing chemicals to transfer over to the moonshine. Rather than taking the risk of ruining your batch of moonshine, invest in a couple jugs of distilled water. The cost of distilled water is a small price to pay for a smoother, cleaner batch of moonshine.

#2 – Discard First Batch

Another key tip is to discard your first batch of moonshine. Rather than drinking your first batch, pour it down the drain and begin a second one. Doing so will result in a higher quality beverage that’s more flavorful and contains a higher alcohol content. Of course, the first batch of moonshine from a still is also known to contain a greater amount of the toxic chemical known as methanol. Drinking too much methanol could result in serious, life-threatening health complications. To prevent this from occurring, toss out your first batch of moonshine.

Some people may not want to throw out an entire batch of moonshine, but this is necessary to remove the unwanted chemicals. Whether you are new to the hobby, or if you’ve been doing it for years, you should always pour out the first batch of moonshine from a still.

#3 – Store Moonshine In Glass Jars

A third important tip for creating better moonshine is to store your beverage in glass jars. Newcomers oftentimes use plastic jugs to store their moonshine simply because it’s cheaper. Although moonshine won’t melt the plastic, there’s a good chance that some of the plastic’s chemicals will transfer into the moonshine, affecting its flavor and aroma.

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