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5 Surprising Uses For Moonshine

Most people create their own moonshine for the sole purpose of drinking it. After all, there’s nothing that compares to the sweet, rich flavor of apple pie moonshine. But there are other uses for moonshine that shouldn’t go unnoticed. While you may already know some of them, there are others which may surprise you…

#1 – Lighter Fluid

Looking to start your charcoal grill but don’t have any lighter fluid on hand? Rather than tossing toxic gasoline over the coals, try squiring some moonshine on it. Moonshine is a highly flammable substance that works incredibly well as a source of fuel. And since it’s made using all-natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about tainting your food with harsh chemicals

#2 – Cleaning Agent

Of course, moonshine is also a safe, powerful cleaning agent. Whether it’s the shower, kitchen counter, tile or outdoor furniture, moonshine is the perfect all-natural cleaning agent. Simply spray some of your moonshine on a dirty surface and scrub it off with a basic dish sponge. The high alcohol content will instantly kill 99% of germs and bacteria it comes into contact with, leaving behind a fresh, clean surface.

#3 – Mouthwash

Yep, people have used moonshine to rinse their mouths for over a hundred years. As long as the taste doesn’t bother you (some people enjoy it), moonshine is an effective mouthwash that’s guaranteed to kill off any bad germs lingering inside your mouth. It’s recommended that you gargle about a 1/3 cup of the shine for 20-30 seconds before spitting it out. Doing so will result in a fresh, clean taste while killing bad germs and reducing the chance of halitosis (bad breath).

#4 – Antifreeze

Since moonshine never freezes, you can use it as an ‘antifreeze’ substance for certain tasks. For instance, outdoor generators running throughout the cold days of winter may require a bit of antifreeze to keep from icing up. Opting for moonshine rather than actual antifreeze will work just well if not better. Unlike mechanical antifreeze products, moonshine is completely natural and won’t cause damage to the environment or soil. This alone is reason enough why you should use moonshine for antifreeze.

#5 – Drinking!

Okay, this last use isn’t really surprising. Moonshine has long been a favorite beverage due to its strong bite and versatile flavor. Once you learn the ropes of making moonshine, you can modify the recipe according to your preference. Be sure to read through some of our previous blog posts for tips and tricks on how to make moonshine.

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